Sellier & Bellot - evolution of the Eagle logo

We had a similar discussion before where the subject was slightly different. For this reason I decided to start a new thread.
Here and today I am looking for all the variations of the eagle Sellier & Bellot was featuring as a company logo. As we know it is the Austro-Hungarian eagle but as I found the eagle was subject to permanent changes - some obvious, and some less.
In recent times I talked to several researchers about this and got a variety of eagle images from S&B related material (catalogs, boxes, headstamps). Some are usable for further work as I have to transform those into clean high res b/w images for a database project.
My question here would be if anybody having old catalogs or boxes featuring any S&B eagle could post these images (preferrably scans) here in high resolution or if there is a space issue just PM me.
It would be good if the images would be accompanied by info about where the eagle was taken from (to know the factory - Riga, Schönebeck or Prague) and if there is a date connected to the source (like on catalogs).
Currently I am in the phase of collecting all variations and when done (when ever that will be) I will see which ones will/can be worked into the data I am compiling.
Any help is welcome.