Sellier & Bellot sporting rifle cartridges

Has S&B ever loaded his sporting cartridges with german bullets such as H-Mantel or TUG?


Pivi, I have looked through my SBP/S&B catalogs and I cannot see such bullets listed. This doesn’t answer your question for sure but it looks unlikely that they did ??

Thank you.
I have a S&B made 8 x 64 S sample loaded with a bullet that,according to me,is an H-mantel one.I don’t know if there is a S&B bullet almost identical in shape to the german one or if my cartridge is simply a reload


Please picture or completely describe the bullet in question. I have several 8mm Mauser rounds from S&B with bullets resembling some of the RWS types, but they are not precisely the same and are probably not of RWS manufacture. I also have a lot of Czech language Sellier & Bellot catalogs, as well as newer ones in French and English, as I recall.

Sure,here it is:

headstamp is "S&B () 8 x 64S () ".The primer is black lacquered

Pivi - that sure looks like an RWS bullet. I have 8mm Mauser rounds with similar shouldered bullets, but they are all with GMCS jackets and lead tips, rather than that coppered tip. The shoulders come at different heights, and are with and without a knurled cannelure above the case mouth somewhere. There is one CNCS bullet but it has a soft lead tip and no shoulder on the bullet. It has an extremely wide, heavy knurled cannelure beginning right at the case mouth (the whole cannelure above it - the case is crimped but not into that cannelure) and then a bit above it, a deep groove running around the circumfrence of the bullet. That round is Czech (Slovak) but with “Z” headstamp. So, it is clear that Sellier & Bellot used the shouldered bullet, but in the end, I cannot say if your bullet is Czech or German. All of the bullet shown in my catalogs, with shoulders, are GM or GMCS bullets according to the copper color used in the catalog. All have lead tips, not the copper tip.

After all that, I have not answered your question at all and cannot definitively answer it. Sorry.

[quote=“Pivi”]Has S&B ever loaded his sporting cartridges with german bullets such as H-Mantel or TUG?

S&B has made some cartridges (and cases) in the past decade for the Brenneke company. Especially the Brenneke types 8 x64 S and 8 x 65 RS there was no other manufacturer willing to run a production.
So far I know only with the Brenneke bullets : TUG and TIG. They were supplied by Brenneke to S&B.
The H-Mantel Copper Hollow Point shown above is a RWS bullet and in my opinion a handload. It seems to be neck-resized and once fired because of the reamer markings in the shoulder. No factory crimp is seen.

however it is strange that this cartridge has a black primer,like the ones used on RWS cartridges loaded with heavy bullets.
You are right,there is a sign on the neck but the rest of the case looks like new.
However I received this cartridge as case + bullet,so I don’t know if that sign is due to the “unloading work”.If there was a roll crimp,this probably disappeared when the bullet has been pulled