Semi-caseless shotshell - WRA, S&W?

Hello all:

I have a number of these 20-gauge “semi-caseless” shotshells that have accumulated over the years. One is marked “WRA Exp” in in on the side, but I haven’t been able to find any more information on them. Most have a disk of lime-green compressed powder with silver priming composition in the base. Unfortunately they’re proving difficult to get good photos of, but here’s one:

The color of the powder composition makes me think it is not WRA, but S&W or even Italian. That’s a SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess) on my part.

Anyone know any more? I’ll try to get some better photos later.

Interesting, better to see images of the base…
Does it have a standad primer?

Here you go BadgerJack

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Please excuse my ignorance, are these somehow related to the ACR programme maybe?

Hi Dan,

These are Olin Matchieson Chemical Corp./Olin Corp. experimentals from the 60’s and early 70’s. Here is a list of related US patents:

US3580113A.pdf (391.8 KB)
US3613282A.pdf (525.9 KB)
US3680241A.pdf (545.7 KB)
US3728966A.pdf (483.5 KB)
US3618246A.pdf (355.1 KB)



Those are just great Fede, thanks

Thanks, much appreciated!

That looks like it should be a speed loader for an inline muzzle loader. They make a double barrel 12 gauge muzzle loading pistol now with hammers. Being a muzzle loader gets past it being a short barreled shotgun. Being able to load it easier would make it a little more worth having.

I could see that, except for the larger base. Sure does make a lot of sense as I stare at it, though…