Semi-rimmed Lebel

Thanks our forum member,I was lucky to see the SFM drawings 8034 and 8035 dated 1891.The drawings showed a semi-rimmed lebel cartridge base.Is It a semi-rimmed version 8×50R Lebel cartridge?Does anybody has any info about it?

No direct info, but a bit of Holmesian deduction.
The Berthier carbines were adopted in 1890-92, and the ease of feeding from the charger may have suggested a semi-rimmed case…like Daudeteau’s 1895 6.5#12 cartridge, of which recently was posted a drawing of a Rimmed (Nagant??) 6.5 cartridge.

Companies like SFM were always preparing designs for possible cartridges that they would go on and make even if only in prototype or trial of concept lots.
It may also have been a possible
MG friendly case design.
In 1894-5, Puteaux had built some 8mm Lebel Gatlings with Bronze feeder plates…typically
Weird French Solutions (Musee
De L’Armee, Les Invalides, Paris.).

Any other info. or deductions out there; obviously the original Rimmed Lebel case was found suitable for the Berthier chargers, and the 1897 Hotchkiss utilised the Mle86 cartridge with ease.
( although rimless-7mm, and semi rimmed-- 6.5 T.30 worked just as well, if not better ( less damage to
Strip tabs).

Doc AV

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This was not a trial but an order from 1891
(for Armieux). But not sure, it could perhaps be the guy who valid the order)