September 2010, International ECRA Meeting 2010


International ECRA Meeting 2010 at Walenstadt, SWITSERLAND.
The ECRA Meeting 2010 will take place from September 30 - October 02 2010 in the Infantry-Training Center AZH in Walenstadt, Switzerland.
Walenstadt lies east of Zürich and on the eastern end of the lake Walensee. From Zurich you can reach it by car or train in one hour.
Only Members of the ECRA or IAA and their family members can participate.

More information (incl. the program and information about Walenstadt and hotels) as well as an application form, in different laguages, can be found here. You have to send in your applicationform before June 30, 2010.


This sounds like a lot of fun. How does this compare to SLICS?

I was checking some prices and it is only like $850 to fly there.

I would imagine that I could easily spend another couple days sightseeing in Switzerland too.

Is it hard to transfer cartridges back and forth internationally?


Aaron–Here is the information from the IAA Homepage on transporting cartridges. Lots of other interesting/useful information on the IAA Homepage, in case you have not visited it recently.