Serbian ammo factory info needed

I am in Miami, visiting an old relative who’s survived WWII as a 5 year old child. Amongst many interesting stories she mentioned that her father (an ex White Army officer) worked before WWII in an ammo and explosives factory called Obelichevo (?) in Krusevac, Serbia. May someone confirm/expand/correct my factory/location info and names,please?
Also, she has a “book” (just a big file on the computer) about her life, but it is in Spanish (she was a famous actress in Venezuela, the country which took her and her mother from a British run DP camp after the war). Any idea of how to translate it into English? My Spanish is like a lilliput round.

Vlad, there were 3 ammo related factories in Kruševac (those I know of).

  • “Merima” (code “MK”), a chemical factory, they also made chemical warfare agents

  • “Trayal” (code “TKK”), they are making explosives, grenades and mines (to the rest of the world better known as a car tyre manufacturer)

  • “October 14”, they are a mechanical plant and made/make projectile bodies