Serbian Kingdom hs

I am looking for info on calibers, hs and years the Serbs were using the manufacturer symbols “CK” and “ЧK” (Kragujevac).

Anybody who could share info on these?

I only have these two in 7x57 Mauser

Thanks Will, that is extending the date range.
There is also a “CK 1911”.

It would be interesting to see more calibers and years which might be pre 1904 or post 1912.

Branko Bogdanovic, in his book “Serbian and Yugoslav Mauser Rifles” published by North Cape shows the following headstamps, both as photographs of the cartridge bases ( a bit hard to see ) and as line drawings.

Caurnica, Kragujevac. With the symbols at 12 o’clock and the date at 6 o’clock.

/ Ч / К / 19 / 02 /
Ч К 19 03

He quotes dates as being between 1899 and 1903.

Srbija, Kragujevac. With the symbols at 12 0’clock and the date at 6 o’clock

С К 1905
С К 1906
. С К . 1912 (dots at 3 o’clock and at 9 o’clock)

He quotes dates as being between 1903 and 1914

Happy collecting, Peter Mackinven

Peter, great, exactly what I needed and it is filling all the gaps!!!

Is there any hs of cartridges predating the 7x57?

On pages 38-40 there is a section on the 10,15x63R cartridge for the Mauser M1884, starting with those made by FN before 1884. Once Serbia had acquired its own cartridge making facility these were marked as being made at Kraljevska Caurnica Kragujevac from 1884 to 1890, then marked from just Kragujevac from 1890 to 1914.

The headstamp is found on the outer beveled part of the base of the case and is in a raised font around the full circumference of the base. My scanner is still not working with my new computer and I don’t have a Cyrillic (let alone a Serbian Cyrillic) font installed on the computer … I never thought I’d need one!

Apparently there was trouble with the powder used in the locally made cases as it produced a low muzzle velocity, also production fell below the daily rate required so at some point Serbia ordered 5 million cartridges from Keller.

Are examples of all these headstamps known?

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Here’s a picture of the 7x57 cartridge clip, does anyone have any variations on this type?

Happy collecting, Peter

In 7x57, I have; (CK 1905), (CK . 1912), and (CK . 1913 .). Do we know what the dot placements signify?

10,15x63R cartridge for the Mauser M1884DSC_0005

Jon, thanks!

Pete, awesome! What a great addition! Thanks!

my 1912 has two dots like Will’s with one being much bigger the the other, perhaps on your 12 it is a light strike?

EOD we had a 10.15 sold in our last auction. Lot 489 & it was dated 1888.

Pete: I had intended to add this comment a couple of days ago, but it slipped my mind. The Serbian rifle in 10.15 m/m was the single-shot 78/80 (very uncommon). There was also a tubular-magazine carbine, the 1884 (even more uncommon). Jack

my 1912 has two dots like Will’s with one being much bigger the the other, perhaps on your 12 it is a light strike?

EOD we had a 10.15 sold in our last auction. Lot 489 & it was dated 1888.[/quote]

Pete, thanks for the additional date!

Here is my over 25 year research about Serbian 7 x 57 ammunition. Mr Bogdanovic use this for his book.
I hope this help…

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Bane Stankovic

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There is all Serbian stamps which I found on 7 x 57 Mauser ammo.

FN 1900
FN 1909
ЧК 1901
ЧК 1902
ЧК 1903
СК 1904
СК 1905
СК 1906
СК 1907
СК 1908
СК 1909
СК 1910
СК 1911
СК 1912
СК 1913
СК 1914
GR 1903
W 1903
W 1907
K&C 1903
H 1903
SFM (1914)

Also in Kingdom of Yugoslavia use 7 x 57 ammo with this head stamps :

H 1915
Western 1915
Rem-Umc 7 mm.

Sorry, I made mistake, on hs with H (Hirtenberg) year is 1907 (instead of 1903)

Here the image on behalf of DreamPhoto:

The Mention of FN making 10.15 Mauser ammo in 1884 is Impossible.
FN was only formed by a Syndacat
Of Liege Gunmakers in 1890-91
With L.Loewe to manufacture the Mauser M1889 rifle and ammunition, for Belgium.
Doc AV