Serbian made 10.67x57R Berdan

I just found the image of a 10.67x57R (4.2-lines) Russian Berdan made 1892 in Serbia.
Image taken from Branislav Stankovic’s book:

Has anybody ever seen a real sample of this cartridge?
And the most interesting are any other years documented?

The headstamp reads: Berdan Kraguyevats 1892

Nice Image “BERDAN Kragujevac” 8 92. At this time, still a Serbian Front line Cartridge ( along with 10mm Mauser-Milovanovic )

Any info on when the Kragujevac factory was set up?( for ammo production?)

Doc AV

The Kragujevac laboratory was established in 1853.

Yes, Eod is right.
Berdan rifle arrived in Serbia 1891, with small a small amount of ammunition.
And this is first (1892) year of production of this ammo in Serbia. I don`t know about later years…