Serbian Peabody ammo

Does anyone have any information about Serbian Peabody ammo ?

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only thing i have is this, and its in french

Thank you very much cyten for you effort ! It is beautiful drawing !

Do any have info about origin this type of early metallic ctgs ?

unfortunatly i know slim to none on this cartridge. i imagine it was based on other american cartridges at the time. its similiar to the .58 Roberts from what i can tell.

hopefully someone else can shed some light

A picture from the 1905 SFM catalog (also listed in the 1899 catalog without picture)


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I wonder if Krnka ctgs. for Russia is predecessor for Serbian Peabody ctgs.??? Because of similarities of construction of case and connection with Thomas Sadrl from Wiena , wich produced Krnka rifle for Rusia and Pabody rifle for Serbia.

Also, who produced ammunition in Europe for Serbia army ? I know that VTZ Kragujevac made this ctgs. Also some quantity Serbia by from G.Roth in 1885.

The general structure of the cartridge shown is very similar to the folded-head Berdan-primed cartridge introduced by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company about 1867. The .58 Berdan, the .58 Roberts (as mentioned above), and similar rounds were early examples. This technology was exported to Europe, where it was employed by Russia (for its Krnka and Berdan rifles), Spain, Bavaria, and elsewhere. Jack

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From “Rulers, Guns, and Money: The Global Arms Trade in the Age of Imperialism By Jonathan A. Grant”

In December 1885 the Serbs ordered 1 million cartridges for Peabody-Martini rifles from the London firm John Mor and Son

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