Serrated rim on VPT 7.62x54R

The bullet on this looks the same as my normal example from the same year. The crimp on this one is tapered as oppposed to the segmented style I normally see on Finnish loads. The cartridge is full of something, not sure if it is powder or something else. Anyone out there know what this is?

Hendere, this is a drill cartridge.

Thank EOD! I can’t find any reference to this, when were they made and are there other headstamps?

Hendere, I do not know.

I don’t know if this helps, but has a similar Czech round “bxn

A Czech round with a similar rim would be a proof load.

Vlad, there is no relation between these.

It’s special dummy for armorers, made in VPT 1937.

Thanks Hammer!

By the flow of the metal of the primer ( the raised ring around the intentation) it looks like the case has been fired in a full pressure load. I think you can see tooling marks from the bolt on the primer as well. This to me indicates it was made from a fired case and is therefore perhaps not a factory drill round. (?)

Does anybody else agree?

Not necessarily. These could have been made up on cases left over from in-factory test firing, or simply reclaimed brass. Doesn’t mean the weren’t factory made into dummies. Then again, of course, it doesn’t mean they were.

In this instance, I would take Hammer’s word on the subject. He is very expert on Finnish ammunition, or at least that is my own observation from looking at this Forum from its beginning.

You should see the assortment of headstamps I have on Swedish 9mm rounds that used any old brass - dummies, blanks, gallery loads. The same for Danish. German, Finnish, English, Swedish, military, civilian, contract, etc.