"Service Cartridges" for Guard Service in Russia


The following cartridges are from the current (2018) www.tempgun.ru online catalog, the Google translation of the description for each of these cartridges, from Russian to English, includes the term “service pistol cartridges” or “service cartridges”, see below:

  1. Служебные патроны пистолетные Tulammo к. 9x17 (в пачке 50 шт)
    Tulammo service pistol cartridges for 9x17 (in a pack of 50 pieces)
    Link to webpage-

  2. Служебные патроны пистолетные НПЗ к. 9x17 (в пачке 35 шт)
    Service Cartridges Pistol NPZ to 9x17 (in a pack of 35 pieces)
    Link to webpage-

  3. Служебные патроны пистолетные БПЗ к. 9x17 (в пачке 50 шт)
    Service cartridges pistol BPZ to 9x17 (in a pack of 50 pieces)
    Link to webpage-

  4. Служебные патроны Техкрим к. 20/70 (в пачке 10 шт)
    Service cartridges of Techkrim (Techcrim) to 20/70 (in a pack of 10 pieces)
    Link to webpage-

  5. Служебные патроны Техкрим k. 12/70 (в пачке 10 шт)
    Service cartridges of Techkrim (Techcrim) to 12/70 (in a pack of 10 pieces)
    Link to webpage-

Is the term “service cartridges” a correct translation of the description for each of these cartridges and if so what exactly does that term mean? For law enforcement use?

Any feedback or corrections are most welcomed.




Brian, you are correct, these are marketed as service ammunition for LEOs/bodyguards, etc, for their service firearms.

The term is also sometimes seen on “traumatic” ammo (rubber bullets).



To be fully correct these are cartridges meant and certified for the guard service (to what I understand a govt run entity in Soviet days and still existing today). No police or military.
And also not meant for civilians.

The first and main caliber was 9x17 and so far I saw a .29 Spc. once and also one particluar 9x18 soft point with rubber core.
To what I understood the guard service has to use cartrdiges which are marked accordingly (maybe to ease tracing after theft or when shootings are investigated).
Except for the 12GA (which I never saw myself) the pistol calibers have an additional “СЛ.” in the hs. These headstamps every now and then can be observed in exported boxes of 9x17 too when overrun production is simply used for this purpose as well. Such “СЛ.” cartridges are not for sale in Russian gunshops!


The FSO is under the police dept. to my understanding.



Could well be, but they are not using police arms and the members are no real police men.


Ole & Alex,

Thank you both for the explanation of the meaning for “service cartridge” and that a special identifying headstamp exists for such cartridges. Very interesting! I’ve changed the title of this thread to reflect the information provided.

Does anyone have an example photo of a headstamp with the added “СЛ.”?



Brian, here the more unusual caliber 9x18 Mak. Only one lot known and not clear if ever used in that role. Maybe only offered to the guard service after the caliber was certified for civilian use.



Those 9x17 cartridges are for certified private security companies, bank guards etc.
All actual LE use 9x18, 9x19 and 9x21 pistol ammo.


Max, thanks for clarification.
So I was correct on it not being Police.