Set of odd 9mm

Here is a lineup of some odd 9x19,a few of which I had not seen before.

The one at left is an Italian frangible I presume, followed by a Swedish tracer with what looks like factory notches for a high-pressure blow-out test (total weight is 171gr). The yellow / black load is new to me, but I am thinking an indoor short-range trainer that is primer-powered? Next is one of those Geco loads with an odd solid copper projectile (108 gr) which I don’t remember all the details on. The next two appear to be subsonic loads since the dark purple-based load (American Ballistics?) has a total weight of 187.5gr, while the Geco headstamp load after it weighs in at 221.5gr and has a note with it referencing the Border Patrol. The last cartridge looks like a rubber bullet on a case with hadstamp SF 9 06 - total cartridge weight is 74.5gr

The Swedish round is not a tracer, but rather a pressure test cartridge for the copper-crush method of determining pressure. They came with a short cylinder of copper about the same diameter as the hole in the case. The Yellow plastic case, black plastic bullet round is an Argentine practice load cy Chamical, a company reported to have been owned by some military officers.
The German round with the slots in the hollow part of the extended (at the rear) bullet jacket is a short range round. In theory, as the bullet leaves the barrel, residual gas pressure blows out the flaps formed by the cups and acts like the air brakes on an airplane. Their are other variations of this load.

The far right with grey rubber projectile is a reloadable (primer only) French Police gallery cartridge.

The Argentine gallery practice round by “Chamical” was designed by Armando Hidalgo (one of the military officers mentioned by John) and its industrial design registration was applied on June 13, 1972. It was also made in .38 Target (for .38 S&W, Short/Long Colt & Special, and .357 Magnum revolvers), and .45 ACP. There are several case/bullet color combinations, but none of these are factory original because all three components (case, bullet and 5,05 mm primer) were packed in three different boxes (primer box was generic for all three calibers).

This is a Chamical box for 100 5.05 mm primers:

Fede, so are these pure commercial/civilian designs in Argentina?

Alex, yes, these were made for the civilian market, but production in 9 mm and .45 caliber was very limited and most shooters here have never heard of them. A curious fact about its name, which derives from a small population in La Rioja Province in northwest of Argentina, is that is was probably chosen to honour the Argentine Space Program experimental station for testing self-propelled projectiles which operated there between 1962-1974.

Fede, thanks a lot for clarification. Do you happen to have a comparison image of all these calibers/variants?

Matt, the Fiocchi load is their 63gr. PRN (Plastic Round Nose) training frangible. … ebsite.htm

Alex, I haven’t taken pictures of the whole series so far, but other collectors may help with some of the variations in 9 mm and .45. Here is a list of all variations known to me:

.38 Target:
Case: red, light red, translucent red, pink, black
Cylindrical WC bullet: white (in three distinct shades)
RN bullet: black, white

9 mm Parabellum:
Case: yellow, beige
Bullet: black, white

.45 ACP:
Case: translucent, beige, yellow, orange
Bullet: black, white, blue