SFAB ctges

extract from Action Gun

Can anyone supply more information that this. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, but not when there are no words. What era are these from? What claibers were they made in? What does “SFAB” stand for (I assume “SF” is "Soci

I have been wondering about these cartridges also, trying to do more research ever since an article was emailed to me months ago (thanks J-P!). The original French text of this article (tiny) is as follows:

“Depuis de nombreuses annees, Action Guns vous presente des munitions destinees a neutraliser ou a perforer (KTW, Arcane, SIB, THV, etc.). Aujourd’hui c’est une gamme complete denommee S.F.A.B. que nous vous offrons en avant-premiere. Alliant a la fois une grande perforation et une forte neutralisation, ces munitions testees dans un prochain numero, sont disponsibles en 357mag, 38spl, 45acp, 9mm, et 44mag. Signalons, sans devoiler de secret, que, malgre la forme particuliere de leurs ogives, les 9mm et 45acp fonctionnent admirablement dans les pistolets essayes.”

Which translates roughly into:

“For many years, Action Guns has presented information on specialty ammunition designed to neutralize or penetrate (KTW, Arcane, SIB, THV, etc.)… Today we offer a first look at a complete range of new ammunition Called SFAB. Combining a large puncture and a strong neutralization, the ammunition (which is tested in a forthcoming issue) are available in 357mag, 38spl, 45acp, 9mm, and 44mag. Note that, without disclosing secrets, notwithstanding the particular shape of warheads, the 9mm and 45acp function particularly admirably in test pistols.”

As far as I know, this article hails from sometime between 1980 and 1990 from “Action Gun”?? I never had an exact date or issue number. The description mentions that the SFAB’s are “tested in an upcoming issue” so apparently there is a more thorough follow-up to this snippet which tests and describes the ammo in more depth. Anyone know anything more? J-P?



you tell me that now.
I threw to the garbage all the newspaper articles I sent you ! (nobody was intresting in)
I will check the year (send me back the article)

Hello J-P. I still have the article image-scans which you sent to me, however the one for SFAB, which has this picture from the top of the thread only originally has the additional text which I quoted as a caption and nothing more. There was no corner page-number, or magazine title in the corner of the page as will sometimes appear from other article pages from magazines. I never did have any follow-up article image-scan on SFAB, and so you must not have had that particular magazine issue which this tiny article refers to? The other scanned images of articles I have from you are all on THV, Arcane, KTW, Guillot-Senix “High-Perf” and Geco Metal-piercing ammo.

Here is the original scan of the article which this thread is about:

I managed to also find out that there was an article on SFAB cartridges in ArMI magazine (aka AMI) from the April 1988 issue titled:
"Micro-test : les balles SFAB Match .38 Spl WC"
by Claude Dery

So if anybody has that issue of ArMI, then there will be answers in there about the SFAB. I’ve been checking an article index on all of the AMI magazines here: http://hlebooks.com/presse and AMI magazine had many articles on similar cartridges such as THV, Arcane, and SIB. One of the articles was from our very own Philippe Regenstreif in the May 1986 issue titled "Munitions