SFM 357 MG Blank

Here is a 357 MG SFM 357 Blank. It has a black tip. Is it some type of “Cattle Killer” Blank or an some other type of industriial tool blank?


Perhaps also for the movie industry? Just a guess on my part as it’s new to me.

Could this be Grenade XPL SAE Lacrymogéne?
The only one with SFM mouflon 357MG headstamp, on an old list.
Here is the google translated description, if that is any help.

étui à épaulement et 6 plis jt noir jt am. violet am. Nickel
Shoulder case and 6 ply black jt am. purple am. nickel


Found these two dummies. Evidently for silhouette shooting?
Looks like a flat copper primer on the one. (Not FN like on the blank.)


Rimfire, how many lobes in the crimp? The description on the old list has a 6 in it, but is it 8? (I can’t read it.)

The stylized animal on the headstamp depicts a Ram (to clarify, a large goat) which is the trademark or insignia of IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association).

I don’t see how the blank load can be associated with that, so perhaps just repurposed cases, in which case they may not even have been made into blanks by SFM. I simply don’t know one way or another; just point out a possibility to think about and for further research.

.John Moss


It has an 8 lobe crimp. the black on the tip is rather unevenly applied.


Thanks Paul,
Sounds like mine.
SFM%20blank%20hs SFM%20profile2

Hi Paul,

Dan is correct, this is a .357 Magnum “Type L” (Lancement) blank for tear gas grenades and was loaded by SAE Alsetex from .357 Magnum Silhouette short cases (29 mm length). The launcher was a very large turret model using a modified Manurhin MR 73 revolver.



Fede and Dan,

Thanks for the information.