SFM 40-60-260 Winchester


Here is a box (heavy paper) labeled as 40-60-260 Winchester. It came with the single round pictured. Bases on bullet weight (260 gr) and case length (2.12") it is actually a 40-60 Marlin or 40-65 Winchester.

Were the three cartridges interchangeable? Any idea of it’s age?


Colt 40-60-260

Can’t find my copy of the SFM drawing for this cartridge but I think it should exist. It is not shown in the SFM 1900 catalog but it does in the 1912 edition.

This is the same case type as the .40-60-260 Marlin and .40-65-260 Winchester.

The “.40-60-260 Winchester” is in fact a mixed designation only adopted by SFM. I was never used by Marlin or Winchester.


Rimfire & Fede–The .40-60 Marlin and the .40-60 Winchester are not the same and will not interchange. The Marlin (and the .40-60 C.L.M.R.) uses a 2 1/10 inch case with a 260gr. bullet. The .40-60 Winchester has a 1 7/8 inch case and a 210gr. bullet.

The .40-60 Marlin and the .40-[color=#0000FF]65[/color] Winchester are interchangeable and both use the 260gr. bullet.



 I agree with you but this ".40-60-260 Winchester" by SFM has a 2.1" case so it's not a .40-60 Winchester.


Fede–Strange designation with the 2.1 inch case. I wonder if S.F.M. made the true .40-60 Winchester with the 1 7/8 inch case as well. If so, what did they call that?



  This is one of those cases in which an almost evident catalog mistake turns out to be true. I'm not aware of a .40-60 Winchester (1 7/8" case) produced by SFM.


Thanks, I thought the 40-60 Marlin and 40-65 Winchester were basically the same case but wasn’t sure if the shorter 40-60 Winchester was interchangeable.

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Great box and cartridge!

For the sake of comparison, here is a .40-60 WCF on the left next to a .40-60 Marlin.

While the head diameters are both near .500", the rim of the .40-60 WCF here is .618" vs. the .40-60 Marlin’s .600".



I pulled my specimens of the .40-60 Marlin and the .40-65 Winchester and noted that the .40-65 OA length was less than the .40-60 (tho both have the same case length, about 2.1 in). Is length variation–the Marlin version longer than the Winchester–a generally consistent one? Jack