SFM 5.6mm Subcaliber Dummy

Here is a dummy I have listed as a 5.6mm SFM subcaliber.
Rim: 7.11 mm
Base:6.12 mm
Neck:5.81 mm
Bullet: 5.82 mm
Case lgt:16.26 mm
Total Lgt:20.88 mm

SFM 5.6mm subcaliber HS
Is that what it is and if so what was it for?


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This SFM cartridge has been referred to as both the 5.6x16R French Carbine and 5.6mm Subcaliber (FR76).

This CF cartridge was listed in 1899 drawings as both for Carbines and subcaliber reduction purposes. This is the middle case length of three cartridges all using the same case type (with 6.1mm base). This one has a distinctive pointed and ringed bullet of 5.85mm diameter.

It is the first dummy in this caliber that I have seen:



Good to know. Thanks for the quick reply.