SFM 7.65 ACP for military or police

I have been offered a few boxes of SFM 7.65 ACP cartridges as shown in the photo. These appear to have been intended for military or police use, as they have a dated headstamp (1 40), as well as a military style label with a lot number and production information for the components. I have a couple of the cartridges with 1939 and 1940 headstamp dates in my singles collection, but had not seen one of the boxes before.

See the thread about seven or eight subjects down entitled “help to identify cartridge.” Same exact box label, I think so same answer.

Thanks, John. Who-da-thunk the same picture would show up twice at around the same time. I suppose it might help if the titles for the threads were a little more descriptive.

Anyone have the history of SFM during WW2. As the Germans occupied much of France beginning in 1940, what happened to SFM during that time?

sfm worked for Germans during the war
not making ctges (with one or two exceptions) but detonators for grenades and so on