SFM 7×25mm

I was lucky to see a SFM drawing numbered 10618 showed a 7mm cartridge based on 7.63×25mm.Has it been real produced?If it is,anybody have any pictures or documents of it?

From what I understand, this cartridge is called the 7mm Leon Beaux. The ECRA Caliber Data Viewer shows a loaded round and also an empty case. Here is one that I photographed in the Woodin Lab.IMG_0605 (2) IMG_0606 (2)

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Looks like it has a much longer neck…Anyway,Thanks for your reply!This one is also the first time I’ve seen

The 7 mm Gevelot-Mauser Cartridge, also known as 7 mm Spanish Mauser/S.F.M. Version; 7 mm Spanish Pistol; and 7 x 26 mm, is covered in Volume III, Brandt and Müller (Volumes I and 2 are by Erlmeier and Brandt), "Handbuch der Pistolen-und Revolver-Patronen, Item 43B, page 42.

I have a sectioned half of an empty case that matches their picture perfectly. Unfortunately, aside from not even being a whole case, the headstamps, prior to sectioning, was obviously purposefully defaced in a rather crude manner. If anyone is interested in the profile of the case, I will post a scan of it here. It is hard to tell if it is the same case as the 7 mm Leon Beaux, but I don’t think so. Brandt & Müller’s comment on the 7.mm Leon Beaux, for which they show a different picture, has a statement in the brief text specifically saying "This cartridge has nothing to do with the so-called “Mauser-Gevelot” (Nr. 43B). The 7 mm Beaux cartridge appears on page 41 of the referenced Volume III, as item 43A.

The Brandt books are not without errors. The only major difference in the two photos is that the overall cartridge length of the Beaux is shown as 34.00 mm, while that of the Gevelot is list as 35.75 mm, due in part to either a longer bullet, or a bullet seated out farther. Unfortunately, The Brandt books ignored bullet weights in all three volumes. Also, the overall case length of the Beaux is shown as 25.10-25.15 mm, while that of the Gevelot is list at 25.80 mm. My sectioned case has a case length of 25.78 mm.

I decided to add pictures of the case, both the sectioned side and the reverse. Depth of field on both pictures is poor due to my poor scanner. The black marks inside the case are some markings like a catalog number, there when I acquired this item. I chose not to remove them because I don’t know who put them there originally.

Edited to add pictures and comments regarding them.7 mm Gevelot-Mauser cartridge case 2 7 mm Gevelot-Mauser cartridge case

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I didn’t look too closely at Woodin Lab cartridge, and you are right. The neck is too long. Here is the loaded round shown in the ECRA Caliber Data Viewer.

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Looks like this is it.Thanks again for your picture!

Thanks for the info.Just by visual inspection…this one is pretty similar to the vidar have posted

Yes, Vidar posted a picture of the same cartridge as my mutilated case use to be. The base, body and bottle neck of it and the Beaux version are the same, or very close to each other, except for the Beaux version have a shorter neck, and therefore, a shorter OACL.

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Thank you very much!!!

Munavia, thanks for posting the SFM Drawing of the 7 x 25 mm Beaux version. Do you know if there is a similar drawing for the longer-case 7 mm Gevelot version?

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Hi, i don’t know, i have one other in my draws but …



Manuvia - Thank you! That is the one. The “7 x 25 mm Gevelot-Mauser” appears to be a name assigned by the Brandt book. Another name for the cartridge, a longer case than the 7 mm Beaux, is “7 mm Spanish.”

John M.

Munavia, your last image or link does not work. Any chance you could make a direct upload here on the forum?

for EOD i see the last image

Manuvia - in your last image, the two lines of various cartridges, can you tell me what the cartridge first on the left of the bottom line is. It says 8 mm for diverse revolvers (which I think they use also to mean what we call today semi-automatic pistols). I can’t seem to identify it in my mind by the shape and size of the cartridge, relative to the others.

Thank you.

John M.

Now I do too, seems Munavia has reposted them directly.

Munavia, thanks for reposting! Is your second drawing also from SFM?

I think its the 8mm M95 or 8mm Roth-Schuloff (attention NO H, like in Schulhof!! (socalled by Erlm.-Brandt) in one of its additions, and maybe also in the complete newer Volume with all 3 volumes in one book. As I am not at home for long, I cannot check…but you should find it, with that hint… Merry Christmas, PP
I have it with a lead bullet

here was this cartridge mentioned with SFM drawing number and the Roth#…but is the same cartridge, even as described as 2 cartridge types. I got this ammo from the man who posseded ones the prototype pistol in France…and also a cartridge collector in the past…

have a good time