SFM Cartridge design drawings

I am searching for original military projectile designs, usu. In Metric, as prepared by SFM 1890s-1920s.
Some have shown up here and on GB from time to time…is there any
DVD or hard-copy publication with the complete archive???.
My need is for making CNC brass projectiles to original dimensions
For use as inerts, and for reloading purposes.
I have produced Balle 86M, Ball .30 M2, L2A2, .303 MkVII, 8mm M30 S,
And Ball .50 M33.
I am after some of the RN heavy ball of the 1890s, and also the 6.5s
(Dutch, Romanian, Japanese,) the 7mm. 8mm Danish, Siamese, Kropatschek, Murata, and so on.
60/40 Brass makes a suitably soft proj., and fires well in Military rifles. The Balle D CNC copy is only 3 grains short of original Balle D, and shoots to same POA.
Other clones of Lead Core Proj. are about 1/6 less mass…eg, a CNC MkVII is 154 grain ( 174 gr. Orig).
Any help with designs ( Kynock, DWM, SFM,) greatfully received.
Designs should be detailed so as to show cannelure dimensions, ogive radius, meplat diameter, any base concavity, etc.
Merry Xmas and happy New Year
to all.
Bon Noel, Felice Navidad, Buon Natale, etc etc.
Doc AV
Already have Russian