SFM display board

one interesting thing is the fact the 7.63 mauser has no hstp

J-P: Can you describe the 7.63 Mauser cartridge in detail. I know there is no way to check for a magnetic bullet - probably wouldn’t have one anyway - but can you tell if there are any stab-type neck crimps, and what shape (flat or domed) and what material the primer cup is. Also, if it has any colored seals? Maybe it could help identify one of the unknown unheadstamped cartridges in this caliber.

round CN bullet
crimping dots
90 % sure 3 dots
copper primer
90% sure flat primer

this display dates of the thirties

J-P: thanks. When I get a chance, I will have a closer look at my unheadstamped 7.63 Mauser cartridges for bullet ogive, rim thickness and bevel, extractor groove width and extractor groove bevel angle and width, against some known SFM rounds. Maybe I’ll find one.

I will try to make close pictures tomorrow, now it is dark and the flash makes a reflexion on the glass

It is better with sunlight !

round CN bullet
3 crimping dots
domed copper primer
here are some close views of the 7.63 and of us ctges

JP - Thanks for the excellent close up pictures of the rounds on the board. Unfortunately, while I have six variations of 7.63 Mauser with no headstamp and copper primer cup, none match it. Te pictures were so good I had zero problems in determining that. One more to look for.

It is a very nice board, by the way!

JP, that is awesome! Really a beautiful artifact. Super nice!