SFM Drawings


Hello All,
I have noticed many drawings from SFM posted here over the years and I have downloaded them for reference.
I also downloaded all the SFM drawings from the old MUNAVIA website.
It looks like someone had scanned the entire SFM drawing catalog at some point in time.
Is there a “complete” source for these drawings somewhere as I would like to get them.
Is there an index for the all the drawing numbers?

Thanks to all of you that have posted the drawings over the years.


hello Brian
There are thousands and thousands of sfm drawings.

I used to have a list of a only one part of them and 10 000 inputs were listed.
With the different options (modifications, aso) for each drawing, the fact sometimes one input is a file containing many drawings, and so on, this gives you about 15 000 different drawings !!

Where to find them?
Ask the French collectors, visit the archives in France, you can even ask to the foreign collectors on this forum (i use to send them a lot of drawings before I get ride of them)



Thank you very much jeanpierre.
I had no idea that there were so many SFM drawings available.
I would love to visit the archives, but that will have to wait until I win the lottery :-)
I will have to collect the drawings the old fashion way by gathering what gets posted here.
Do you recommend any other forums?

All the best from the “sunny” Puget Sound region.


hello Brian

  1. there is a french forum where you have often sfm drawings

you register
you go into the forum
you choose the topic “munitions”

  1. try also munitions.org
    you will find perhaps some drawings

  2. if there are drawings of special interest you are looking for, tell me which ones, I will try to find them for you.

  3. archives are no more what they used to be in France.
    As soon as you ask for something related to guns or ammo they refuse now.

The same way there is no more cash money in France, many other things are, I wouldn’t say forbiden, but unreachable in practice.

Add the fact the other countries didn’t play the game, and they freeze the archives now for all these reasons.



Merci JP!
I registered at the Militaria Collec 3 - Portail and am now learning how to navigate the forum.
Not being a speaker of French it will take me a little longer, but I am learning.