SFM G."Star" headstamp

What time period was this SFM headstamp used?

Also on what other calibers is it found?



SFM evidently used the 'G.* ’ hs from c1893 - c1928 on second quality ammunition.

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WBD, Thanks for the info.
Since it was used on second quality ammo I assume it appears on many of the common pistol calibers of the time.


Also on shotshells!

Regards René

The "G.* " used mainly on short (ie. <= 45mm) CF rimmed cases (not IP): Revolver, Canne , Sarbacane.
It looks like the “G *” (without the dot) was used only on shotshells ? (not my area).

Didn’t see ( noticed ) the dot was missing on my shotshell.
I have no idea if this is tipical for shotshells because it is the only one I have ever found or seen.
Regards René

I found only three rounds with the dot in my collection.
.32 S&W Short, .38 S&W Short Blank and .450 Revolver Short.
Without the dot I have 7mm Revolver, 7mm W/Stick Ball & Shot. 9mm Revolver.
No doubt there is a large range of calibres with this headstamp.

Ron, those dots can be hard to see. Here are examples of the four cartridges you mention (in order) all with the dot. If you have examples that don’t have the dot then I would like to see an image if that is possible ?

Maybe both types were produced but certainly of the about 50 such hs I have seen, the dot is the most common ?

I am using my collection notes. I will have to check the actual items later.
Many are in tubs and not the collection drawers.