SFM No. 10.130C

I’m looking for a readable scan of this drawning.

Jean-Pierre are you there?

It must be 500 TRANTER, isn’t it ?
I will check tomorrow

  1. I mistook. 500 Tranter is 10030

  2. 10130C I do not have, sorry
    But I have 10130 which is 6mm SFM

Is it that you are looking for ?

The drawing from SFN number 10 130c is also 6mm Auto Pistol. I sent a copy of it to Fede already.

That’s great John!!!

Jean-Pierre thanks for searching.

The drawings 10 130, 10 130b and 10 130c are three different projects for 6mm Auto Pistol.

10130 : 25 decembre 1904
10130b : 25 decembre 1904 (? unreadable)
10130c : 4 mars 1905

(the bullets have not the GG monogram that is on the drawing)


Hi Chassepot,

               Please, can you post 10130 & 10130b also?