SFM Reference Collection


A friend asked me if I had ever heard of an SFM Reference Collection or simply an SFM Collection, and I had to admit I had not.

He then sent me these three images of .22 boxes he estimates were made in the 1890-1910 period.




The Winchester box marked “MADE IN BAVARIA” amazes me!

These three boxes all have a reference or catalog number written on them. They were described as being from the “SFM Reference Collection”. The boxes contain cases that have been section along with notes written about components.

Apparently there are other similar boxes known.

Can anyone shed more light on their relationship, if any, with SFM or provide any information on an “SFM Reference Collection”???

Many thanks!



Lew, is that maybe the SFM drawing numbers of the cartridges/boxes?


In July 1988, the remains of the SFM Cartridge Reference Collection was sold via the Buttweiler Auction Vol 5#3.


Hi Lew.
Back in the early 1980’s Bernard Malric, a Canadian at the time, purchased a large portion of the SFM Reference collection on sold it to collectors for years. There was at least a container load that he brought over to North America at the time. He is still around, although not an IAA member any more. If you PM me, I will give you the name of someone who is still in contact with him. You could then contact him and get the complete story.



yes there was a collection of boxes (made by sfm and by other companies).
These boxes were sold when sfm closed.

I don’t have pictures of the ones made by other companies.
But only of the ones made by sfm.


Here is a previous thread dealing with the Auction of the SFM Collection.



Specialized in Gévelot and SFM cartridge production and expert in the company for their early products , I was invited to negotiate in 1988 the sale of their ammunition collection. This sale was following the sale of the collection of weapons number 1 This weapons collection was over 1000 items.
The collection was composed of the collection of inert cartridges, these cartridges formerly intended to make cartridges boards for gunsmiths and exhibitions. The second part was composed of samples sent by customers (inventors, gunsmiths,); boxes bought from other factories to compare with their own products , or to copy them ; samples of cartridges factory made; left over; foreign samples coming from battle fields …
These samples were stored in drawers , each drawer bearing a number , I don’t remember how many were in the store room but a few hundredth. Samples were kept in cardboard boxes or in their own cartridge box. Each box was bearing the drawer number and as a drawer was usually containing up to 25 samples , each of them had its own number added to the drawer number but with a smaller size.
Lew , I am surprised you don’t remember this time , I have offered parts of the collection for sale during several national and international meetings and I remember you buying early 9 mm Luger SFM made!


When my friend posed the question to me, I thought about all the stuff that showed up and I even told him about the great SFM stuff I got from you. I knew it came out of SFM, but had not heard mention of an SFM Reference Collection. I thought it may have been leftovers from various development and contracts. As I have watched this discussion develop I realized much, perhaps all of the nice SFM stuff i got back then came from this collection.

I do not recall any foreign 9x19mm items from this collection, but there must have been some.