SFX ammunition


Here’s an interesting one, this seller does specialized polymer projectiles in a variety of calibers for special FX use. They are all dummy cartridges and aside from color variations he makes special ones that can take a mini glow-stick in the case to make the projectile glow for such things like a movie prop use for purple UV light vampire killing bullets, etc… or “radioactive” anti-monster bullets that glow green:



I think that the seller hopes for fans of modern films. I think that he understands that his cartridges in a greater degree a joke than the real weapon. By the way, to tell a word “vampires” not correctly. Correctly to speak “the blood-feeding necro-Americans”


Hwuahh? Aren’t vampires either 500 year-old Romanians or else just angst-ridden teens who live in the woods of Northwestern USA and who battle werewolves? Of course the cartridges are a novelty, they are dummies and are meant for appearances only. The glowing trick with translucent polymer and 1.0" glow sticks is unique for this type of dummy cartridge anyway.


Once I have bought in England the Finnish cartridges 7.62х39 with dark blue wooden bullets. Russian customs has stopped a parcel and has invited me in office for explanations. Them these wooden bullets has interested. And I, with serious face, have told it that these cartridges for special forces for struggle against evil spirits. I reminded them that the vampire should be killed aspen stake. But close contacts to the vampire are dangerous, aspen bullets therefore are used. Russian customs officers very much were surprised. They have believed to me and with surprise considered these cartridges. Then I have told what is it there was joke and has told for what wooden bullets are really intended, but customs officers have taken offence also parcel to me haven’t given. They have carped at bad handwriting of the sender and have sent parcel back. But also to the sender this parcel hasn’t returned. Alas. I think that customs officers took these cartridges to themselves, just in case.


Actually, the SFX dummies are quite well made. The plastic portion goes clear to bottom of the base of
case, which means the bullets won’t push back in. Even his three basic bullet shapes, which in Makarov
take the form of three shapes, all encountered on RN ball or HP rounds. would be a fair test of feeding.
The plastic looks sturdy, and he claims they can be used many times as functional dummies. I have no
doubt they can.

The multitude of colors is perhaps superfluous. I acquired everything he made in Makarov. It is a commercial
enterprise making a purpose-driven product as outlined on the website. Up to each collector to decide
if they are proper for his collection or not.

I will post a picture of the Makarov variations later. The variations in 9mm Para are about the same. Bullet shapes are
flat nose, flat nose hollow-point and RN. In the case of the Makarov, the round nose bullet is a good match for
the standard Russian shape.

Myself? I don’t consider these anymore of a “joke” than about half of the ridiculous bullet types offered as
wonder bullets in live ammunition throughout the world. Most of them, when put to the test, do not
perform. At least with these, if they do not perform well as dummies, it does not cost someone their

John Moss


The SFX Ammunition Company’s 9 x 18 mm Makarov line of dummies, encompassing three bullet styles and fifteen different colors each. Some of the colors are solid and some translucent. The dark three in the center are actually two forms of blue on the left and then a black one. While all the colors are clearly unnecessary, these appear to be perfectly good dummy rounds valid for everything dummy cartridges are used for. Even the different bullet types mirror bullet shapes in my own collection of this caliber.

Photo and collection of John Moss


I just noticed that the maker of these SFX bullets is now doing some neat specialty cartridges such as KTW, M939, Sentry, and IMI riot loads in 9mm, also an exploder in .45acp: http://www.gunconsultation.com/SFX/cartridgecollect.htm

He also has full sets for each caliber listed if you want one of each color.