Sharps 40/105?


Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a 40-105 Sharps. There is writing on the bullet’s paper patch: “40/105 2 5/8 370” (40 cal., 105 grains, 2 5/8 inch case length, 370 grain bullet). Some of the edges of the script is underneath the neck of the cartridge, so the writing must have been added before the bullet was loaded into the cartridge. The primer certainly looks original, and the writing style really doesn’t look modern. The cartridge has the same dimensions as a 40-90 Sharps. Maybe someone bought a primed shell and custom loaded it? I don’t know. I have heard of a 40-100 Sharps, but never a 40-105.
Here are some pictures.


Looks to be a U.M.C.Co brass case, which could have been originally sold as a new primed empty case.


Sharps, back in the day, would have called it .40 - 2 5/8. The rifles were usually so marked on the barrel. I have a Sharps here temporarily, marked CAL .40 2 1/2 on the barrel. The cartridges became known as the .40-70.



Thanks for the information, Pete and Randy.
Pete, I think that is the most likely explanation for this cartridge.