Sharps cartridge collection

What is the best way to sell a sharps cartridge collection? Any recommended Dealers or buyers that I can be directed to? Thanks

It will depend on how large the collection is; if it is singles or boxes, if all made by/sold by Sharps or other makers, and of course condition. It would be best if you had a listing of what is in the collection, and/or photos so people get a better idea of what you have.

If selling as individual items you might get more from folks looking for specific items to fill holes in their collections. But, you may end up with a lot of more common items which will be harder to sell and bring lower prices over a long period of time (months or years).

Selling as an entire collection, or in several large lots, will make it all go away in short order. But, the buyers are likely to be dealers or collectors who will keep a few items and then sell the rest, either quickly at wholesale prices, or very slowly with a lot of work as single items.

If you decide to sell it as individual items yourself, then a large cartridge show (SLICS, especially) might be a good option. You can also put them out on GunBroker, but remember that shipping must be by UPS ground, which will run about $18 minimum.

You can also sell via one of the highly reputable cartridge auctioneers, such as Pete DeCoux or Vic Engel of the IAA, or the more general sporting goods auctioneers such as Wards Sporting Auctions, which has a mixed reputation for cartridges.

Those are my thoughts, which may or may not be helpful, and others may see things differently.

Thank you very much for the reply John. i will look into those places and see what i can come up with.