Sharps I.D


I’m trying to identify who made alot of the Sharps cartridges in the my collection. I know all the calibers and the ones made by UMC and the early REM. I was hoping someone could post pictures of the heads. Ones that they know for sure were made by WIN, US, & SHARPS



This exact project was started on the forum some time ago, but died I suspect due to a lack of interest. You’ll find it here, assuming I have done this correctly. If not, just search on Sharps. … lit=sharps


Thank you, this is what I was looking for. It’s to bad that this topic didn’t continue it would be so valuable to new collectors and to collectors who weren’t sure of what they had.



I think you are going to find this typical. With only about 500 forum members, and the majority of them being lurkers, there are few collecting interests shared by more than a handful of members at the same time. The research and posting of a large amount of information on any one subject is really a labor of love with little reward except the satisfaction to the individual doing the work. The same applies to the IAA in general, including the JOURNAL, which generates only a scattering of responses to bolster the writer’s ego. In fact, wannabe writers would be well advised to leave their egos at the door. The pay isn’t all that great either. ;) Except for the Editor.