Shell cases

The 1st is marked 75MM M5A1, Lot 5-1300-16, S.M.C. 1941 and has what appears to be a Royal Arms mark to the left side. The primer is even marked; PA10-22205-3 1942 M1B1A (Better picture than I thought!)

This is a side view. It’s unaltered. There is a long tube in the center(inside) and 2 pigtails, one on each side. What are the pigtails for?

This is a piece of trench art(right) and is engraved as follows on the outside.
27K 12 C3.3
I have not researched any of this info but, of course, it is from WWI

The head of this shell reads; 37-85 PD.Ps 175.2.16 and has a flaming bomb on it.

Any information on either or both of these would be appreciated. Just some interesting things I have aquired over the years.

See this post for info on your trench art shell.

Isn’t that the mark of the US Ord Dept ?

The inside tube is the primer. Not sure what the “pigtails” are.


Here are a couple of pages out of AMERICAN ARSENAL, describing use of the M5A1 shell.

A WAG on the pigtails is to retain the powder charge bags.

Thanks slick, everything you wanted to know about artillary shells but were afraid to ask! I guess both are pretty common but I’ll keep them, as is. Now if I can figure out the engraving on the WWI shell.

That would be my guess too. Or maybe remnants of the bag itself.