Shell found metal detecting

Trying to identify this shell I found while metal detecting today.

If anyone can help out that would be great. Thanks!

Hi Sgnos,
It’s a bit of a wild guess without knowing the calibre involved but this is very definitely Czechoslovakian military production. I suspect that this could be either 7.92mm x 57mm or more likely (because I have this identical headstamp in 9mm) a 9mm x 19mm. It’s made by Povazska Bystrcia in March 1951. The ‘3’ indicates the 3rd month. The ’ * ’ indicates the case is made of brass and the ’ - ’ that it is Berdan primed but has a single flash hole.

Thanks for the reply. Here are a couple of photos for size reference. I’m not a firearm guy but if I had to guess at caliber I’d say about a .32 maybe.

For our non-US folks, that is a dime shown for scale and is .705" (17.9mm) diameter nominal.

That would look to be a 9x19mm case.


My initial reaction was a 9mmK but whatever

I think the Czechs did not make military 9mm K after 1945, at least I have never seen one and would be very surprised (and welcome one)…


As best as I can scale from my screen, the case length is 19.15mm based on the dime’s size. There could well be some distortion from the photo to the screen image but it would seem to be long for a 9mm Kurz. Maybe Sgnos could take a measure!


I don’t have any precision measuring equipment best I can do is:

So the casing is ~19mm long and 9.5mm in diameter. Sorry I can’t be more precise.

Shown in the listing here is an identical loaded version of the cartridge you found, with a similar style headstamp:

Sorry, Been off the forum over the holidays. This is one of the very common post WWII Czech military 9x19mm cases that DKConfig illustrated. This round was made by Povazske Strojarne (PS-Previously Bruno) and has only been observed in lots 2, 3 and 4 of 1951. The dash on the headstamp indicates a single flashold just like the German code. I have only documented lot 3 with the nickel coated, steel jacket, iron core bullet illustrated above, but lot 4 also occurs with a GM coated steel jacket, lead core bullet so I would not be surprised if it occured in lot 3 also.


DKConfig, Lew, and everyone else,
Thank you so much for the effort. It seems that the mystery is solved at this point. I’ll add this to my “interesting” box and hang on to it.
I’m really glad I found this forum. I kept coming across some very misleading information out there.