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I’m looking at Cartridges of the World, 13th edition, page 466. Are the 7 x 57mm Mauser and the 7 x 57mmR Mauser one in the same? Are these cartridges interchangeable? Just wondering. Tom from MN


No,they are not the same.
Hunters in German speaking countries typically use break-open type of weapons, Drillings (a double shotgun with an additional rifle barrel) being an example.
The extractors of these weapons can handle rimmed cartridges better than rimless designs.
For this reason, rimmed versions of several cartridges were created for use by hunters. 7x57R, 6.5x57R, 7x65R and the rimmed version of the German 7.9 mm caliber, called 8x57IRS are examples of cartridges made for hunters.

Since the 1939 proof law, maximum pressure of rimmed cartridges is usually lower than for the rimless versions, because break-open design in the long term are less robust than bolt actions.


Thanks for the info! You are most helpful, Tom from MN