Shellacked ammo collection

I bumped into an entire collection which looked like it was covered with shellac (like this round). Was it done as a humidity barrier to prevent ammo from self destruction inside out?

More likely as a corrosion barrier
( tarnish).
If properly done, the Shellac will also prevent Humidity from entering via Mouth of case and Primer pocket…this latter less likely anyway, as Primers are a
Interference press fit, about 1-2 thou. Inch.
And military primers are usually lacquered as well; bituminous composition neck seals are a post-WWII general introduction, although the German “tropen” seals were in use already in WWI ( ammo for colonies and Kreigsmarine, esp. Submarine service.).

The Czech grey bonderised steel cases were lacquered after loading, to protect the steel against corrosion.
Saw the Dip-Lacquer machine in operation with 7,62x39 at S&B Vlasim in Sept. 1993.

Doc AV

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Polishing and lacquering was a very popular practice in the earlier days of cartridge collecting in the US. I don’t think anyone still does it, but you will still run across older singles and collections that have “suffered” the treatment. It had nothing at all to do with any military need to protect the rounds, nor was it any kind of factory process

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