Sheridan air gun pellets

How old is this stuff? It has that 70’s look.


Since ZIP codes were made mandatory in 1967 it would be later than that. The 70s is probably a good guess. Today’s boxes look very much like that too.

And BTW Vlad, the 70s is NOT old. :) :)


We were still selling pellets in what I recall to be either the identical container, or one very similar, in the year 2000 when we closed down the store.

John Moss

Google says that Crossman acquired Benjamin and Sheridan in 1991 so the box probably pre dates that.


Ray - you are likely correct although older stocks would have been sold after the acquisition by Benjamin. The 5mm Pellet was never as popular as the .177 and .22 sizes. We sold about fifty boxes of each of those two sizes for each one of the Sheridan 5mm size.

That said, my last Benjamin-Sheridan catalog, undated but not more than two or three years old, shows the exact same box for the .20 (5mm) pellets, although the markings on the box have been changed to reflect the double “Benjamin Sheridan” name and the newere East Bloomfield address. For this type of pellet, it was still yellow, although for other types, there was a red box and and a orange box of the same design. Of course, after seven years, I don’t recall how late we were still selling the ones that just said Sheridan and had the Racine, Wisc. address.

Regardless of which address is on these pellets, they are not that old, and I can’t see them being especially collectible - certainly not worth more than their shooting value, I would think.

John Moss