Sheriff's Museum, Old Town, San Diego, CA


This police and everything about law enforcement museum in touristy Old Town has a lot of very unusual items people invent and use not to follow the law. Ammo inside is very ordinary. The only question I have is how the EOD carrier works. It has 3 protruding shafts which I think release the sudden pressure shock. But I could not figure out how the whole thing opens and closes. There are no visible hinges or holding bolts. So, how does it work?



WOW, they have one of the seismic sensors (last image the camauflaged “rocket shaped” item which has a base plate it is standing on)! Never seen one in reality outside SE-Asia.


If you are still in Southern California and you get a chance, go to Camp Pendleton and see if the EOD museum is still there. Back when I left the base in 1993 it was there. It’s small and tucked out of the way near the Amtrac (Amphibious Tractor) and landing craft museum on the “Mainside” portion of the base.