Sherman 76mm Projectile APC M62A1

Does anyone have a good photograph of the 76mm Projectile Armor Piercing Capped projectile used in the WWII Serman tank with the 76mm gun? I spoke with a collector at the Show of Shows, he told me that the 76mm projectile differs from the 75mm projectile because it has a double baffle bore rings as opposed to a single ring on the 75mm projectable.

George, I understand that you are talking about the driving bands correct?

As that other person said, the 76mm has a wider driving band (due to much higher forces and larger propellant charge).

Here both projectiles in comparison.
Left the 76mm M62A2 and right the 75mm M61A1.

Source: internet.

EOD, thank you. Yes, I see the difference in the driving bands. I am attaching a picture. Is this projectile a 76mm M79 because the driving bans is wider?

It looks much like.

Here the 1944 TM for reference:

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EOD, thank you, this has been very helpful.