Sherryl: W.R.A.CO. vs WRA; DWM HP 9mmP; Hst "9mm"


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In regard to the last reply from John Moss could I have a clarification to the last sentence regarding a 9mm
round!! does this refer to a 9mm round with a stamp that says only 9mm??? if so I have one always thought
it was an odd ball.Please also tell me the significenz of a truncated bullet on a round with the stamp DWM 9 10
but the bullet is hollow point ( that early?) further I found 2 ordinary rounds with WRA stamps one just with
the Stamp WRA but the other had dots between each letter like W.R.A.C.O.How scarce is on from the other?

There are a number of 9x19mm rounds that have only “9mm” for a headstamp. The most common is one made in the Republic of South Africa for Unita, the side RSA and the US backed during the Angolian Civil War. The other was backed by the Soviet Union and included Cuban troops. Various formats for these RSA rounds are below.

Is the DWM headstamp “DWM K 9 10” or just “DWM 9 10”. In either case the hollowpoint bullet indicates it could have been made for the commercial market, but I believe the military style headstamp probably indicates it was made for the German Colonial Forces who were totally seperate from the German Military (Army or Navy). There would have been no restrictions on the Colonial forces using HP ammunition.

To your other question. Winchester used dots between the letters on their headstamps as far back as 1907 on 9mmP. I think you will find the headstamp is actually “W.R.A.CO.” since this the CO stood for company. The dots were retained through WWII and the military ammo from that period was headstamped “W.R.A. 9M-M”. After the war, about 1948, they adopted the headstamp “WRA 9M/M” with no dots. The earlier headstamps (“W.R.A.CO.”) less common than the post was headstamps.

There are also cartridges headstamped “WRA 9M-M” without the dots which may be very late WWII or post war, but it is very rare and I only know it from a photo. If someone has a box of them please let me know!!!


Thanks Lew for your reply I will take note of what you told me and I will look out for that special
stamp you described I found out with these 9mm one could trip over almost anything while huntiing
for unrelated other stuff


I Just went trough my 9mm once more and I found a round with a stamp you mentioned however
the the stamp has points between the letters like W.R.A. 9 M-M it has a nickel primer and by the looks
of it a lilac annulus copper clad bullet.Is this the stamp you had in mind on the above post?
of course there is no box.