Shipping from California

A question was passed on to me asking if it is still permissible for private citizens to ship ammunition out of California. I understand there is now a permit involved for those selling over 500 rounds per month but in this instance it is a private collector wishing to donate a few cartridges they have no need of.

Any advice is appreciated!

Sorry not to be of much help, as I’m not aware of any law on out of CA shipping, but to ship into CA it is required it go through an FFL holder.

Just as Pete mentioned in his reply… Currently there is no restriction for shipping ammunition “OUT” of California. Normal shipping rules apply… UPS, FedEx

Just a thought, but is it legal for Californians to transfer ammo TO a contract shipper?

I am not aware of the 500 round limit, I thought it was any amount ?? But for person to person sales only,.
To my knowledge spending hours on the net in the last year. The only ones that can legally transfer or sell ammunition in California by California’s Law are FFL holders (Regular or C&R FFL) with COE (Certificate of Eligibility) from the California Department of Justice. I only ship to those in California with a FFL and COE.
How that effects shipping out of California should be subject to those rules, as shippers would be selling ammunition, however most likely no one knows the answer in California’s Government. 50 different answers from 50 different people.
I would imagine it is unenforceable anyway for random shipments.
But as in the book 1984, big brother may be watching ;-)
Only Voting Republican will solve the issue, and that is not going to happen soon in the Republic of California.

A side comment about C&R FFL (I have one). It is a very useful thing, it is the lowest level FFL for collectors only, there is NO limit on the amount of guns to purchase but there is a vague limit on the amount of guns sold (disposed). It allows a holder to buy guns (and obviously ammo in CA) which are 50 years or greater in age. You do NOT need to undergo NICS FBI check, you are pre-approved (like that fast lane in the airport). Very easy to get, renewable by mail or internet. Ammo collectors may want to consider this instrument to make life easier.

If you have a C&L FFL in California by law you still need a COE (Certificate of Eligibility) from the California Department of Justice to buy & sell ammunition, and you are suppose to keep records of the sales on who you sold. (I have been told by a few Californians that California is not enforcing the new laws, as they are so confusing. But I still am only shipping to an FFL with a COE, as I find nothing in writing on that subject.)

I like the F.O.I.D. system (Firearms Ordnance I.D.) use in IL, MA, CT, NJ better. You just go to the local police, they do a back ground check and issue a card. Then if you want ammunition you just e-mail a picture of the card to you supplier and they can ship you. This helps the sell sell only the honest people hopefully. Of coarse no law stops the bad people from doing anything bad at least once .

In Maine, under Maine law (if you don’t have a FFL dealership) you can sell a firearm or ammunition to anyone else living in Maine (in person) without a back ground check. This has caused a lot of issues, but still, there are more guns per person in Maine then any other state, and still we are the lowest crime state in the country. I wonder why :-)

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I’d second sksvlad’s recommendation about the Curio & Relic Type 03 FFL, even for cartridge collectors. I’ve had mine for many years and it provides instant credibility and ease of receiving firearms, and in some cases ammunition where the seller is being extra cautious, from out of state. In addition to any firearm at least 50 years old being a curio and relic, the ATF has a very long list of other younger firearms with that designation.

Has there been any clarification in regards to ammunition being shipped out of California? Does it require both the seller and the buyer to work through an approved dealer? Seems to me as much as guns and ammunition are reviled by the majority of the voters there, that they would make it as easy as possible for ammunition to leave the state.

I can’t add a positive, fact-proven statement on this question, but to my knowledge, shipping ammunition out of the state can be done by anyone. UPS has accepted, with no queries, packages clearly marked as ORM-D Small Arms Ammunition, with the old blue ORM-D label, as late as a couple of months ago. These new laws are so convoluted that it seems few people understand all the ramifications of them! That includes me, and so LE officials I have talked to.