Shipping inert / dummy cartridges to Australia?

After reading the Australian Post regulations on shipping ammunition related items, I’m not sure if inert or dummy small arms ammunition are prohibited from shipping to Australia. Their definitions are fairly vague… Can anyone clarify this for me?


For all intents and purposes, YES Banned in International Post(Air). BY sea, is an unknown.
Cartridges of any Ball type(NO tracer/AP.Incendiary etc) can be brought in as personal Luggage by Air-travellers (Max. 5 kg) and of course in check-in luggage, but must be declared and cleared by Customs.

AS to “Inerts” that is a grey area…LIve Ammunition has to have a Permit from the Feds (A-G dept. Canberra) and also, if not part of a Visiting Hunter or Sportsman’s supply,( and travelling on his/her Rifle import permit,) also State Explosives Import Permit.

Again, the status of Inerts is unclear.

SO, in the long run, don’t think of it. WE do manage (Cartridge collectors) to get Bulked shipments from countries like NZ etc (following Auctions etc) but it is a long and confusing process.
Doc AV
(Down Under.)

I have, in the past, mailed inert cartridges to OZ. I drilled out the primer pocket as per instructions from the recipient and put the loose bullet in the same package. Declared as “Inert Cartridge” on the Customs Declaration. Regular overseas US Mail.

Things must have changed ???


Having imported lots of live, drill-dummy and inert “small arms” ammunition into Australia over the years from USA and the UK I was interested to know if there had been any changes to the customs regulations Importing live collectors ammo is a problem, but can be done thru a “Dangerous Goods Agent” if you want to go this way its going to cost big bucks and takes ages, my last shipment took much longer to get clearance from the US authorities than it did to get customs clearance here, as to inert, and drill-dummy rounds are concerned ,there has been no change, the situation is this, unaltered factory drill-dummy rounds are OK, no import permit required, cartridges that have been converted to dummy by any means, will need an import permit,this must be obtained by the importer. There are items that are restricted and connot be imported, enquiries to customs can provide you with details, the big stuff is a different story, at the moment you can forget it.