Shipping to New York State?

Any one figured out the new laws passed by New York on shipping ammo? I have heard only to an FFL , but now sure if true.

 Looking for an up to date on all state laws on shipping ammunition to a customer in their state..

I picked the below up from a large ammo seller:

CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition delivered to the counties of: Napa and San Francisco. No ammunition delivered to the Cities of: Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco.

ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: Must have current copy of FOID card and State Photo Identification,

MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition with out a FOID I.D.

NEW YORK CUSTOMERS: NY Dealers must have the appropriate state licenses. No Sales to NY City.

WASHINGTON DC CUSTOMERS: No Sales of any products.

Dave Call[/b]


I know that I am beating a dead horse here but, as far as I know, there are no federal laws that would prohibit an individual from shipping ammunition to someone in another State, County, or City. All restrictions would be local and I’m not bound by restrictions other than Federal or State of AZ.

However, there are federal rules and regulations that apply to dealers, in particular, FFLs.

And, of course, it goes without saying that a resident of one of the State, County, or City with the restrictive laws has to deal with that. It’s only fair to consider the effect of shipping to a restricted area, and the impact it would have on the buyer, but in the end it’s still his decision whether to test the laws.

It’s a damn shame that our collective governments put all of us into these situations. It’s Sunday and that’s the end of my sermon for today.



Not sure what mischief was buried in the recent NY “Assault Weapons ban” but there were ammo restrictions of some sort.

While there are no FEDERAL restrictions, a state can still go after an out of state seller who ships into their state. Massachusetts successfully prosecuted a number of sellers from other states for selling to Mass residents without the seller having a Mass Ammo Dealer license. Of course it is total BS, but how much do you have to pay your lawyers to get out of such BS.

Meanwhile, everyone better be contacting their congresscritters telling them “No new gun laws, period!” Tell them every week, by email and by phone calls to their offices. You may be VERY sorry if you do not do this!

Until a system for the NYS imposed background check for the purchase of ammo is devised (read that as a new bureau of BS) Right now ammo sales are as normal… I was set up at the Albany, NY gun show this weekend and there was no problem with buying or selling ammo, collectible or shooting stock (there was very little ammo for sale because there isn’t any!). According to a local political critter (present at the show-gun friendly)the ammo problem of an unfunded mandate to perform a background check for the purchase any ammo is something the geniuses forgot to workout. NYS has no access to the fed Nics check system and ATF has told them they do not regulate ammo…do not call in background checks to them. There is no provision in the law to restrict NY resident from purchasing ammo in other states but Internet may not be allowed. Who the heck knows. The people who wrote the law have no idea what it says they signed it without reading it. On Monday, a notice of claim for a number of law suits both in federal and state courts is being filed by the NRA and the NYSRPA (NY rifle and pistol assoc.) This is going to be an expensive and time consuming procedure. It is hoped that some sort of injunction will be granted suspending or putting the law on hold until clearer heads can actually read the law and determine its enforceability. Once this law was read into the NYS senate record, the law was voted on and passed by the Assembly then prompty signed by Cuomo all within about an hour. Not one legislator read it. You can’t read it in one hour.
I don’t think anyone could answer your question as to shipping to NY. They can pick it up in person.

New York and other locals could end up with the same ridiculous regs we have here in the People’s Democratic Republic of Taxachusetts.

ALL shipments into MA are sales that “occur in MA” and thus require the out-of-state dealer to have a MA Ammo Dealer’s License ([color=#0000FF]there is no provision for the state to issue one to anyone outside MA)[/color], and the seller cannot check the license of the person taking possession, to comply with MA law.
Yes, shipping ammo here is illegal, but since UPS doesn’t have to report ammo shipments into MA, who is to know?? New York will the same way, when & if this ban is fully implemented.

According to the way the regs are written [color=#FF0000]NO SHIPMENTS[/color] of ammo into MA are legal - not to dealers, not to distributors, not to Police Depts. & especially not to consumers.

Of course the Commonwealth is only interested in persecuting the consumer. That said there are still mail order sales taking place. Many out of state ammo dealers didn’t sign agreements with the Commonwealth not to sell here.

WOW!!! Talk about a Catch 22. You need a license to ship into MA but there are no licenses. How has something like that survived a court challenge??


To fight it one would have to file in MA. The no judge here would rule against the Democratic machine that rules this state.

The contempt MA politicians have for gun owners is pathetic

If these idiots where in power in 1775 we would still be subjects of the Crown.

There is a storm on the horizon, prepare now. ;-)