Shipping to US


I purchased some Inert shell in the UK and need to ship them to the US, What is the best way and How should I label them.



Will-If they are TOTALY inert (including the primers) they may be shipped as standard mail. No special markings are necessary. Mark the customs declearation as “INERT SAA FOR STUDY AND RESEARCH”.


Thanks Ron, I don’ think SAA would apply as the largest is a 7lb and the smallest 20MM flak. By the way I think we have met at the Fort Wayne Show haven’t we?



Will–Your right, they would not qualify as SAA. If they were live they would fall under the heading of destructive devices. I am not sure what the status is for inert items of this class. Are these going out of the U.S. or coming in from some other country? I suggest you call the U.S. Customs Office and ask them. Be sure to emphasize that these are completly inert items.

I have never had the pleasure of going to the Ft.Wayne show, so I doubt if we have ever met. I was not even aware that there was one. When is it? It is only 128 miles from Lansing, MI where I live so it would be an easy drive.
that would not even require an overnight stay.


Will - if you belong to the IAA, I’d suggest contacting some of our members from the Netherlands. They always have a large amount of inert material at SLICS and this year was no exception. I doubt it all comes over in their luggage, but I could well be wrong. I believe they - or the folks they know over here would be the best to advise you on importing such material.



They would also, strictly speaking, fall under ITAR as components for over 50 cal.