Shocking news from Russia


The Russian MOD decided to dispose of the complete archive of the Artillery directorate (also responsible for small arms and ALL ammunition for these weapons) for cost saving reason and reorganization. The archive was founded in 1575 and all documents will be destroyed. Even many Russian themselfes can not believe it!

Seems the are learning from the west way faster than one would expect…

The last hope for us is that people will steal hopefully plenty of these documents before they get destroyed and save them for the future. Or let us hope for a wonder.

Here the Russian news link for those reading Russian:

Polte 9mm Experimental Board

This Artillery directorate traces back to Ivan the Terrible, maybe we need to bring him back to life. A Russian official is quoted in the article saying that even Bolshiviks (Lenin) would not think of doing such a thing. Maybe 2012 will be The End of The World.


You’d think they would at least consider selling the majority of the archives to bring in some dollars, pounds, francs, whatever. I’d think there would be buyers, at least for the older documents, as they would have enormous historical value. Sort of like burning up Gutenberg bibles.


Russian have tradition - each 200 years to expel invaders from the Kremlin. In 1612 year of Poles, in 1812 year of Frenchmen. In 2012… well you have understood


So, I understand that my “Soviet Cannon” book and drawings documentation of Russian ammunition is getting more valuable now?

At least those idiots can’t destroy the digital copies of all the Soviet arms and ammo manuals I posess…



Yes, if your book is basing on the documents from this archive.


Basically, 95% pf the World’s governments are in financial ruin, including that of the United States as a whole, and most of the separate states with their own financial realm, and yet they constantly destroy non-classified items that could be sold to generate income. It is disgusting how stupid these people are, and that is not confined to the Russian Government.

Of course, probably about 90 percent of the books on the histories of anything have been written by non-government authors, sometimes with zero cooperation from their nation’s archives. Has anyone seen a really scholarly book on ammunition identification prepared and published by the U.S. Printing Office? Most that I have are terribly lacking in information well-known at the time of publication, some with wrong information. The military books from the Viet Nam era “identifying” ammunition from that conflict are a joke, for the most part!


It seems to me that, unfortunately politicians don’t think like that. Raising taxes on the likes of us citizens is a much more convenient method for them to raise money.