"shooter" sniper question

The movie “SHOOTER” shows a Marine Recon sniper using a variety of weapons. One looks like it takes a necked down .50BMG cartridge. Does anyone know what it is ?

I know one scen it looked like he shot the Barret 50 with the 10 round clip vs the single shot? He did use anouther 50 also that looked smaller and lighter then the Barret in another scen.

It is the .408 CheyTac

Have you sectioned one yet?

Totaly stand corrected. Definitly not the Barret.

No - the 2 different ball projectile loadings are monolithic - so not so interesting in that respect. There is an experimental AP loading, but don’t have a spare.

The link below is promotional - it has some scenes from the movie showing close-ups of the rifle.


There were two Barret looking rifles in the movie. One was bolt action and the other was the box magazine fed Semi automatic, but he worked the action by hand in the movie. There is a .50 cal necked down cartridge in actual use. It was featured on Future weapons and was the .416 somethingorother

As I understand it, Barret has a new .416 cartridge which is in production and being supplied to the military; a friend is attempting to scrounge some of the rounds, or at least some dummies.

It wouldn’t be the first time Hollyweird has been able to feature firearms denied to the hoi polloi.


Hey guys - It’s a movie! It may not be real. The cartridge, I mean. We know that movies are not real.

The 416 Barrett is a civilian cartridge intended to thwart the CA ban on the 50 BMG. Cartridges are available as singles (not from Barrett) or in boxes from Barrett.


The Chey Tac 408 is very real. Check it out. The .416 Barrett is a necked down .50BMG . The .408 is something else.

Center cartridge between .50BMG and .338 Lapua.

That could be true. Theirs a guy on EBAY selling actual HELLBOY movie prop bullets :-)

I KNOW that the CheyTac is real, as is the 416 Barrett, 50 BMG, etc etc. My point is that not everything you see in a movie or on TV is real. The gun and cartridge could have been something made up entirely in the minds of the prop department.


Chey Tac worked pretty closely with his film. Check their web site. What I saw was their 408.

Check this out:

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