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Ammo and Components available for sale as of 06/01 /2016.

SHIPPING is NOT included! Payment instructions, contact info and shipping disclaimer are at the end of the list. Please read & understand before ordering.

9mm Luger:
Sellier & Bellot 124 grain Non magnetic FMJ. $12 box of 50. Italian Police overrun contract ammo. 6 boxes available.
Winchester USA 115 GR. FMJ. $12 per 50 round box. 1000 rounds available.

38 Special:
Doubletap +P 125gr SJHP nickel cases. Box of 50 for $40.

Federal Champion 230 grain FMJ. 100 pack for $44. 1 available
Federal Champion 230 grain FMJ. 50 round box for $22. 1 available
PMC 230 grain FMJ. 50 round box for $18. 11 available.
PMP 220 grain FMJ. 50 round box for $18. 19 available.

.223 Remington / 5.56mm:
DRT penetrating frangible 55gr HP. 20 round box $20.

20 round box Novosibrsk EXTRA MATCH non magnetic brass cased & non magnetic copper jacketed projectile. Berdan primed. 2010. $18, one box available.

Igman soft point. 6 rounds for $12

.30 Carbine:
FN * FMJ Non magnetic. 50 round box for $27, Have 4 available. Also 30 loose for $16

Chinese 1988 military. (Not NORINCO) Copper washed steel with steel core. 25 round paper wrapped packs out of a sealed tin. $12 per 25 rounds. Several available.

7,62 x 51 NATO (.308 Winchester):
Hirtenberger Patronen Munitions, Austrian Ball, 680 rounds available. 55 cents a round in 20 round boxes. 146 grain FMJBT non corrosive.
Brazilian CBC 150 grain FMJBT, NON magnetic, sealed necks, no primer crimp. 20 round box for $12. Have 38 boxes left.
Israeli grenade blanks $1 a piece, hundreds available.
Tracer made by Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker in Norway. 189 rounds available. $1 per round. Yes they light.
Tracer made by Hirtenberger Patronen Munitions in Austria. 200 rounds available. $1 per round. Yes they light.
Tracer made in Malaysia. 170 round available. 50 cents a round. Do not think they light or my eyesight is getting worse… I tested them in the daylight. I did not see any light at 200yds range.

Korean PS 75 Non corrosive nonmagnetic boxer primed 150 Grain FMJ. 1600 rounds available for $12.50 a box of 20 rounds. Buy 400 rounds and get it in the original .50 Cal can.
Korean KA 72 & 73 420+ rounds available. 55 cents a round. Boxer primed 150 Grain FMJ.
Greek HXP M2 Ball in 20 round boxes. $15 a box or $171 per 240 round sealed spam can. Several available. Two span cans per crate.
Greek HXP M2 Ball on 5 round stripper clips in bandoleers. 60 round bandoleer for $50. Several available.
A.Y.R. 56, Norwegian 1956 M25 Tracer. 75 cents a round. 100’s of rounds available.
French 1953 M2 Ball 200+ rounds available. 160 rounds Non magnetic all the same headstamp. 70 cents a round, loose. Also 1954 in 20 round boxes for $10 a box, 70 boxes available.
Pakistani POF M2 Ball. 2 loaded 8 round M1 Garand en-block clips per box. In other words, 16 rounds and 2 clips per box. Firm $10 per box, have many.
Pakistani POF M2 Ball in 20 round boxes. $11.50 per box, 35 available.
Super-X Power-Point 150gr. 20 round box for $20
Eau Claire M2 Ball 1943 Magnetic on 5 round strippers. Magnetic and corrosive primed. 275 rounds available. $3.50 per 5 round stripper. Remember, you are getting a new M1903 stripper worth easily $1 by itself. This ammo looks really nice.
TW 52 magnetic, 34 rounds for $23.
LC & SL M2 Ball, magnetic. Late 1950’s Non Corrosive in 20 round boxes. $18 per box.
LC 57 magnetic, 78 rounds for $50.
LC 69 M2 Ball loose, magnetic. 75 cents a round. 2571 rounds available.
LC 69 M2 Ball, magnetic, in 20 round boxes. Delinked and boxed by Talon for the CMP. Clean ammo. $17 a box. 54 boxes available.
LC 69 M2 Ball, magnetic, in USGI En-bloc clips packed 48 rounds per bandoleers. All original, $50 per bandoleer.

.303” British:
174 grain Mk7 Ball, 1960’s POF on charger/strippers. $14 per box of 20 rounds and 4 strippers. 15 boxes available. The same ammo loose, 63 cents a round. Some patina. 200+ rounds available.
CIA contract unheadstamped 176 grain FMJ magnetic, berdan primed. $15 a box of 20. Clean!
Italian non magnetic FMJ headstamped AOC 1340. 51 rounds for $26. Some have patina.

8mm Kurz (7,92x33):
East German 1961. $20 per 15 round box. Nice and clean, 8 boxes available.
WWII German various headstamps repacked by the Czech’s. $45 a box of 15 rounds or $3 a round.

8mm Mauser (7.92X57):
German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ for $10 a box of 15 rounds in very good condition. German WWII APT $15 a box of 15 rounds in fair condition.
German 1930’s brass s.S. Ball. 198gr. FMJ for 50 cents a round. Clean, loose.
Turk on strippers in bandoleers, $28 per 70 round bandoleer. Several crates. NOTE: Full crate to heavy to ship.
Yugoslav 1950’s @ $7.50 per box of 15 rounds. Several crates. NOTE: Full crate to heavy to ship.

Remington Express 2¾” #4 shot lead,SP12-4. 10 boxes available. $10 a box.

Reloading components:

40 S&W brass, fired, some nickel plated. 5 cents apiece. 300+ pieces available
45 ACP mixed brass, once fired. 10 cents apiece. 10,000+ pieces available. Sorted, 12 cents apiece.
7.62x51mm LC 77 MATCH, NEW in 100 round boxes. $75 a box of 100 pieces. Many available.
Cal. .30 (30-06) LC 71 NM, NEW in 100 round boxes. $100 a box of 100 pieces. Many available.
Remington 30-06, NEW. 4000 pieces available. 45 cents apiece.
Winchester 30-06, NEW. 3220 pieces available. 45 cents apiece.

.223 pulls, magnetic, pull marks, knurled cannelure. 55 grain FMJBT. 5 cents apiece. 273 available.
.223 IMI non magnetic 55 grain FMJBT with knurled cannelure. 9 cents apiece. 4266 available.
.308 non magnetic 148 grain FMJBT with cannelure. 15 cents apiece. 5800 available.
.308 M62 tracer projectiles for 10 cents apiece. No paint as they have been tumbled to remove tar sealant. 140 Gr. 100’s available.
SPEER 41 (.410) 210gr TMJ BULLET, 100/box #SP4420 $20. 1 box available
SPEER 44 (.429) 300gr Plated SP BULLET, 50/box #SP4463 $14. 2 boxes available
SPEER 45 (.451) 185gr SWC TMJ BULLET, 100/box #SP4473 $21. 6 boxes available
SPEER 45 (.451) 200gr SWC TMJ BULLET, 100/box #SP4475 $22. 2 boxes available
SPEER 45 (.451) 260gr HP BULLET, 100/box #SP4481 $24. 4 boxes available

12 Ga. shot shell wads. Nice and pliable, stored indoors, most only a couple years old:
250 – RP12 - $7
250 – RPA12 - $5 (2 available)
250 – SP12 - $8 (10 available)
250 – 12S0 - $4 (2 available)
250 – 12S4 - $4
500 Western – WT12 - $9
500 CB – Windjammer CB4118-12 - $7 (2 available)
500 CB – 12S0/CB 2100-12 - $7
500 12S3/CB2118-12 $7

M1903 Springfield 5 round strippers, brass, $1 apiece. USGI (10 available).
German M98 5 round stripers $1 apiece. Real German WWII and 1930’s issue.
Czech M98 5 round stripper clips, 50 cents apiece.

MG metal disintegrating links:
M13 links like New for 2 cents apiece. Never run thru gun, just delinked. 1 cent apiece for once used ones.
M9 links like new, 5 cents apiece.

Payment options: PayPal is best (, however you need to add 4.5% unless you send me funds under “send money to family & friends”. Note; on PayPal transaction, do NOT mention anything about AMMO or GUNS/FIREARMS. They have been known to close accounts and freeze funds over this. They are unfortunately a politically correct outfit. Money orders & personal checks all need to clear my checking account before I ship. Cash in the mail OK, but don’t recommend.
Shipping disclaimer: I have no control over the shipper. If you want insurance, ask for shipping quote with insurance, or not. FedEx includes the first $100 free. USPS offers $50 free on priority mail. In other words, if your stuff is lost, do not ask me for a refund on items not insured. I will also only reimburse AFTER the shipper reimburses me, which usually takes your involvement and mine both. They sometimes contact both parties involved. I am not a storefront, only a retiree offloading items I have little use of at this time, mostly at cost. Nowadays some E-vendors are also not refunding lost merchandise if you decline to buy insurance. With this said, I have had less than 1% issues in the past with shipping.
Please email me with questions and purchasing requests to or call me at 602-795-1467, my name is Joe. Please DO NOT PM me! For some reason, I don’t always get notifications.