Shooting in Germany and subsequent ammo laws


Sorry to hear about this shooting rampage … y_shooting
I hope that this woman is non German and maybe a terrorist which may shift the focus on anti-terrorism instead of anti-gun and anti-ammo.


This is what the german media is saying right now, things might change:
She was german… A 41 year old lawyer and it seems had some training with a firearm beforehand, as the shooting was faily well aimed. The story: She was to visit her son at her husband’s (seperated since two months) could not get in, went home and brought back an IED and a rifle, blew the door off, shot the husband and son and went to ground in the nearby hospital’s gynecology department. She shot at the firefighters from the apartment before fleeing and later shot (or knifed) fatally a hospital employee in the head, shot a out of duty policeman in the knee and was shortly after shot dead herself by the police. Some say she also had a handgun with her.
She reportedly had a large amount of 6 mm ammunition with her.

Edit: three wounded, one in serious condition, four dead.


A law against killing people would have stopped that!

But, since that did not work, a whole pile of incremental restrictions on all sorts of things will surely stop people from killing people with guns or ammunition, or knives or baseball bats, or cars. Right?

Just look at Chicago, Washington, DC and Detroit. Gun and ammo bans there have made them totally safe and crime free.

Uh Oh! I just checked and they have the worst crime and murder rates in the entire U.S., so maybe that theory is wrong.