Short range ctge Model 79 for Mauser 1871


Does somebody has this ctge in his collection ?
And, more important, the small ctge which is put inside.



Zielmunition for the M/71 rifle consisted of a paper bag for 1.2 g (18.5 gr) rifle powder, a sabot and a 9 mm lead ball. It was assembled by the troops using specially prepared M/71 cases.



here is the description of the ctge.

The recently adopted cartridge for shooting exercises has the advantage of being able to be fired into any weapon without changing the weight, the center position and the trigger weight.

It consists of a paper tuhe containing a 9 mm spherical lead ball and placed in a cartridge case model 1871.

The ball is embedded in a small cardboard hoof which is hollowed for this purpose in half sphere on its front face.

The load is. of 1.2 g of gunpowder.

The paper tube is twisted in front of the bullet to hold it and it squirts there.

In the model case 1871 a hollow bronze cylinder was welded, the front part of which contains the cartridge proper, and the posterior part of which allows the fire of the capsule to pass.

At each shot a small cartridge is inserted into the case and weapon it with a capsule. Then the case is inserted into the chamber and pulled as with. an ordinary cartridge

What I would like to have are pictures of the ctge and of the small charge



I think the description you cite is a little misleading, giving the impression of a cartridge within the cartridge.

The parts are: lead ball, sabot (hoof in your text) and a tiny bag of thin paper.
Thats all. Its just a tiny bag, not a paper tube and has no mechanical stability. These came to the troops as separate parts, which assembled them to the special M/71 brass cases, filling gunpowder into the bag and adding a primer. Shooting was at 20 m.

Sorry, I have no photo or drawing.


Could it be this round?



For Jpeelen
The description I gave is the translation of a german newspaper of 1879;
(Deutsches Heeres Zeitung)

It is for that I would like to see the ctge (or not the ctge) put inside.

For Dutch :
The short range ctge you show is the dwm one which is totaly different because there is no powder inside the tube