Shot or multi balls ctges?


Here are 3 ctges:
44 S&W green paper (no hstp).
44 Extra Long blue paper (hstp Wra Co 44 XL)
44 Extra long green paper (hstp: Western 44 XL)


Are they all shot ctges ? (perhaps the 44 S&W is a multi balls ?)



I assume they’d be shotshell cartridges. I can’t imagine them putting a sabot and a smaller slug in there than what the normal bullet would’ve been.

Usually you can hear shot rattle if you shake it close to your ear, not sure if that’d be good idea with these rounds though.

Nice pieces.


Greetings JP

I have two 44 XL with the same headstamps and colored sabots. Both are shot cartridges.
I also have a 44 S&W with a similar green paper sabot. I have it listed as a Multiball.



thank you Paul !