Shot Shell HS ID needed


Hello all,

Just acquired some all brass 2 5/8 OAL, HS: K & co 12. I first assumed they were Kelsey’s but after searching Curtis Steinhauer’s HS guide I cannot locate this HS anywhere. After reviewing my brass shell collection listing I found I have one nickle plated also. Can someone help.


Without a picture of the headstamp for letter style, it is hard, but there was a Keller & Company in Austria around the turn of the century. You might look into that one also. I don’t have a clue about their shotshell production of what headstamp they used if they even produced shotshells.

John Moss


John is correct


John & Pete,

Thanks for the info. Have been searching the web and cannot find any Keller info related to shotshells. Did find a listing for the IAA journal volumn 24, pg.1, that says there is a Keller HS listing . Would lke to know if there are shotshell HS listings before trying to purchase the back issue. If anyone has this issue and wouldnt mind checking it for me I would appreciate the effort.



Could you put a picture of the hstp, please?


The issue you mention is "The Cartridge Trader, Issue 26 (not 24), November 1957, on the first page. There is no mention of shotgun shells by Keller, only various metallics, and no headstamp drawings of any. This issue is only a two-page bulletin, as many of the early publications of the then ICCA (now IAA) were.

I could find nothing related to Keller shotshells in the issue 24 you referred to.

John Moss