Shot Shell info Please

I have Winchester Ranger shot Shell with the following.
Head Stamp W-W 12 Gauge
Hull: Paper
Color: Red
Crimp: 6 star
Writing on case: Winchester Ranger
Load: 2-2-10
Length 2 3/4"

This shell feels extremely heavy. My scale will not weigh this much weight, but it definitly feels heavier than even a 1 1/2 oz loaded shell. Could it possibly have 2 ounces of shot as the marking indicate or is this a foreign load marking? If it is foreign marking how do they translate to US load designations. If it is a 2 oz load what was it’s purpose? If it truely has 2 dram equivent power charge, and 2 ounces of #10 shot I would think that the energy of the pellets would be too low to penetrate enough to kill anything of size.

Any info would be appreciated.



Would you be willing to post a picture? You might have something special.

Foreign shell will be something like,
12 cal.
24 g

For a 12 gauge 2 3/4" with say 7/8 oz. of 7 1/2 shot.

2-2-10 is definitely as you read it, but yes, it does not make common scense.