Shot Shell info Please


I have Winchester Ranger shot Shell with the following.
Head Stamp W-W 12 Gauge
Hull: Paper
Color: Red
Crimp: 6 star
Writing on case: Winchester Ranger
Load: 2-2-10
Length 2 3/4"

This shell feels extremely heavy. My scale will not weigh this much weight, but it definitly feels heavier than even a 1 1/2 oz loaded shell. Could it possibly have 2 ounces of shot as the marking indicate or is this a foreign load marking? If it is foreign marking how do they translate to US load designations. If it is a 2 oz load what was it’s purpose? If it truely has 2 dram equivent power charge, and 2 ounces of #10 shot I would think that the energy of the pellets would be too low to penetrate enough to kill anything of size.

Any info would be appreciated.