Shot Shells


May be a ridicolous question:
Does anyone know when the standard shot shells where developed like 12 ga, 16 ga…

Thanks in advance



Casmir Lefaucheux invented the selfcontained cartridge and breechloading.

The calibers were there way long before that, in smoothbore frontstuffers (British Brown Bess in .75/12 bore and Frence Charleville in .69/16 bore, to name a few).



I should have been more specific.
I was looking for the dates of the “modern” CF shells as they are uesed nowadays


The Brit’s had it when they started with the Gun Barrel Proof Act of 1868 & the US was SAAMI which I think was in the early 1920’s. But as gauge is defined as the diameter of the number of round lead balls from one OZ (I think) of lead. I known that’s not exactly correct but… So that measurement was decided long ago.

Before SAAMI in the US I think it was an industry standard that just grew from use by everyone Ammunition & Gun makers.


Pete, it was a pound (lb).


Oh yea Mike a Pound, more than a Euro right?

Seriously thanks.