SHOT show 2016 ammo thread


This week I am trying to scour online blogs for all of the photos & data that I can find for new ammo at SHOT show, which is going on Tuesday 19th, to Fri 22nd. Yesterday the 18th was range-day, so lots of info on guns has been posted already.

The best one is probably The Firearms Blog TFB: for lots of listings with photos

Most interesting thing so far is this .510 Beck cartridge:

It is marketed & sold by Beck Defense (aka Beck Ammunition - formerly “Right to Bear Ammo”), to fire from AR-10 platforms, and is likely a .499 diameter projectile and appears roughly the same as .499 LWR, and .50 Beowulf. I am not certain if Beck Manufacturers it after having cases provided from Starline or wherever, or if they are having Lehigh produce it, they don’t say. They have magazines custom made by Lancer, and are touted as being “straight walled” cases which somehow helps with a legal classification for hunting in certain areas. The projectiles are Lehigh, although the TFB blog post doesn’t mention this, and the Beck website only has an out-of-stock listing with limited info, mentioning a release date for the ammo of Spring 2016:



From the Gunsholstersandgear blog coverage of SHOT show:

Starline is making .41 Special brass - an obscure (previously custom wildcat) loading, known only to devoted .41 magnum aficionados, of which there are very few. Seems a strange devotion of effort & resources given how many other more common calibers there are which they don’t yet produce brass for:

From the Varminter blog; an image of the new Winchester Varmint-X 12a shells, and CCI’s lead-free copper-22: blog is doing some SHOT show updates and reports that Atlanta Arms is promoting their newly revamped website, and has a deal for free shipping on 115r jhp 9mm ammo from jan 19th to 26th. I had known that ATL did a 9mm headstamp, but I see under their “Target / Defense” line of ammo, they show headstamps for .380, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp: Also, a .38spl headstamp is shown for the wadcutter load under the “Elite” line.



UTM civilian training ammo at SHOT show (seems to hint at 9mm becoming available in their civilian retail line, which would be great), as shown at the Gunsamerica blog:



Photos from the recoilweb blog:

showing part of the display at G2’s booth, a 7.62x51 draw set at ZQ1’s booth, and an interesting candy-store type display at Freedom Munition’s booth:



A video showing a rep at the Gorilla Ammunition booth explaing their new self-defese & hunting line called “Silverback”, which is yet another in the recent ever-expanding line of custom CNC lathe-turned solid copper hollow point projectiles:

A close-up look at the .300BLK from that line impacting ballistics gel:



Offering from Daniel Defense. No other info available ATM. A buddy is at SHOT show took the pic.



Thanks for that Daniel Defense pic. Those cartridges date back to at least 2013 when they were showing it off at some trade shows: and it was mostly for some private contract. I believe they still use some of these cartridges at the shows when they are displaying their guns, since it just makes sense to have their branded products on display. If they offer their headstamped ammo for public retail consumption, then that would be excellent, as I don’t think they have yet. We’ll see.



I don’t have actual show photos, but I have better close-up photos of the brand new line of Z-Clean solid zinc bullet pistol ammo that National Police Ammunition (Miami, FL) is showing off at SHOT show right now at the Anderson Arms booth. NPA has been around for just a few years, and we have talked about them in the forum before with regard to their SDR (Simulated Duty Rd) frangible pistol loads. At the time they were just one of many small time manufacturers who loaded Sinterfire frangible bullets, and did mostly bulk sales to agencies, with some of the leftovers showing up at a few retail sites for sale, mostly in 9mm.

Around 2 months ago however, the NPA website changed and was updated with listings for 2 new lines of ammo; the “Z-Clean”, and the “Helo”. The Helo is a black-coated SCHP line of ammo, just like the new Colt line of “Defender” ammo. The Z-Clean is more unique and is a line of nontox solid zinc projectile loads. I have examples from them in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp which were samples that I did some testing with. They don’t show up anywhere for retail sale yet, but hopefully soon will. They don’t market them as penetrators (as some solid zinc bullets of old have been), but rather as eco non-lead target / training loads, and these are an alternative to frangibles or solid copper loads whereas zinc is less expensive than copper and is better for the barrel. The headstamps are various commercial stuff in what I have, but were nonetheless interesting, being “EGA” in 9mm (Everglades Ammo), and a dated Speer 14 headstamp in .45acp. .40S&W was JAG.



Southern Ballistics Research (SBR) of Georgia showing off their full lines of .338 Spectre, .458 SOCOM, and the new .375 SOCOM:

At the moment, only Strike Force Ammunition seems to have .375 SOCOM ammo in production (on reformed .458 SOCOM brass), and they don’t even have a website, just sales via Gunbroker:

SBR will be offering it with their headstamp, but it does not show up for retail sale on their website yet.



I was wondering when the first drone-related munition photo would find its way onto the internet from SHOT show, and surprisingly it wasn’t Snake River Shooting Product’s “Dronemunition” 12ga, it is a totally new design by ALS in 12ga called the Skynet Drone Defense. ALS appears to have seriously poached the kevlar-tether design which Advanced Ballistics Concepts came out with a couple years ago, but they must’ve presumably avoided any patent “entanglements” (zing!) to pull this off. One wonders if they are actually ordering the custom payloads from Advanced Ballistic Concepts to load these shells? They are touted as being non-toxic, and so perhaps the metal is ABC’s “Zuerillium”? :

There is also a 37mm version of similar tethered design with glow-in-the-dark parts (for recovery in the dark)… roll eyes…

Here is the Amtec Less Lethal (ALS) booth, with plenty of stuff for Pepper to drool over:



I can not say what ammo is used but “drone defense” seems to be a vital part of any personal security today.
When I first saw a head of state with body guards being armed with a Russian 12GA Saiga (at least one) I wondered what it should be good for since this is nothing to be used in a crowd.
Only later I figured what was going on.
This also explains why the laws on all sort of remote controlled flying apparatuses (quad-copters etc.) are getting more restrictive almost daily.



Finally online, some up-close photos of the new Browning ammo, in this case the .380acp BXP self-defense ammo, showing the headstamp, and the cross-shaped projectile interior. We also get a good look at what the dark-nickel cases will actually be like, which is more or less like what the Hornady version was 10 years ago when they tried it:



Here is a nice video of a Federal rep (with extra long sleeves) giving some good info about their new Syntech line of ammo to a blogger from USA Carry:



Here’s a video of an American Rifleman blogger talking to a Winchester rep about the new “USA Forged” steel case 9mm line. I learned from this that the steel cases are manganese phosphate coated anyway, and that the range day at SHOT Show is rather crowded. Note that the shooter behind them and to their left is shooting the new Browning BXP / BPT ammo. If I were that rep, I definitely would have kept that casing that hit him in the side of the face during the interview!



Found an image of the new .510 Beck headstamp in a video from range day earlier this week - it’s Starline:



In this video, a rep from Xtreme Bullets (Freedom Munitions) explains their new lines of ammo for 2016:



Here, we see Senior Product Manager Mike Holmes for Federal, describing some new hunting ammo for 2016:



More info on the “Skynet Drone Defense” ammo. It is in fact an Advanced Ballistics Concepts product, and has just appeared on their website in the past two days. I have no idea why ALS had ABC’s stuff at their SHOT Show table, and neither outfit will answer my questions as to the relationship. The 12ga rds are for sale at ABC’s site now:

And… a video:



The drone defense ammo has two inner cavity’s created when the three piece slug is assembled, these are to hold a couple OO buck to help bring down the drone and one variation of this has a parachute that is deployed so the slugs would be non-lethal when landing.

Actually this string tied ‘shot’ goes back quite a way. A guy named Wingert used several OO buck on a string in a 12 ga shot shell.



Actually this string tied ‘shot’ goes back quite a way.[/quote]

To at least 1916… One of Tony Edwards’ booklets on WW1 British small arms and ammunition quotes from Paragraph 19675 of the List of Changes dated September 1916, extracts as follows:

Cartridge, Chain Shot, 12 bore, Mark 1

"The cartridge consists of a capped 12 bore brass case lined with brown paper…and a chain shot composed of 7 lead balls placed at intervals on a length of three-stranded wire (approx 8 inches in length), the ball on one end being .575 inch diameter (240 grains), and the others .34 inch (54 grains).

When fired, the chain spread out and spun eccentrically about the large shot. It was intended for the use of aircrew against aeroplanes or airships, to rip long tears in rigging or fabric."

I have no idea if it was ever used in combat, or what the results might have been.